This articles is special for married couples, husband and wife to know and practice. And singles is for you to learn and save it and use the knowledge after your wedding. When we talk about sex many begin to think about sin and Satan. Sex has nothing to do with Satan and sin, only you know where you got that ideas that when you hear about sex you tag it sin.

God design sex, for procreation, for relaxation, for your health. He is all knowing God, whatever he creates doesn’t have side effects unless you abuse it. Sex is for bonding in marriage, Sex improves your health and creates happiness, and  active people take fewer sick days.

Sex regulates your hormones. The study has shown that, due to prolonged exposure to male pheromones, women who have intercourse at least three times a week are more likely to have normal length menstrual cycles than women who are celibate five or who take a “feast or famine” approach.

Let all the married couples know that sex boosts estrogen. A study found out that women who enjoyed regular weekly intercourse had higher levels of estrogen in their blood. Estrogen keeps the cardiovascular system healthy, lowers bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol, maintains bone density, helps the skin to stay supple and prevents depression.

Sex reduces stress Orgasm is a tranquilizer. This is why I always emphasized to married couples more about orgasm. During arousal, your muscles tense: during orgasm they twitch, then relax completely. This may explain the findings of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality:

People with fulfilling sex lives are less anxious, violent and hostile, e.g. Lack of sex could make people provoked and aggressive to anyone closer to them. It relieves pain and orgasm acts as a natural analgesic. A study found out that women with conditions such as arthritis and whiplash gain higher pain thresholds through regular orgasms. Midwives tell women to try contribute to sex during sex to enable them to orgasm to relieve labor pains.

In this article, I have tried to let you know that Satan has nothing to do with sex, YAHWEH ELOHIM created sex, sin means disobeying a setting rules which means if you refused to obey and abide by a setting standards made for you then you are sinning. But sex itself is not a sin if it’s done in the bond of marriage

We need to understand that we are sexual beings and it is by God design. The more reason Bible commanded that we should get married to avoid fornication. One of the primary purposes of getting married as a Sexual being is to have sex. If the purpose of sex is not known in marriage, then sexual abuse is inevitable. The quality of the sex matters than the quantity.

Same way the quality of a food matters than the quality. If every time you think of how many rounds you have with your spouse then you are thinking of quantity not quality. Quality is time you spend on foreplay.

Quality sex in marriage is hard work. If you are not ready to work it, then you cannot meet your partner’s satisfaction. Good meal comes with a price, hard work. If you don’t know how to cook, you don’t only pray but you learn cooking because it’s a skill. Good sex is a skill as well stop including it in your prayers.

Everyone is born a virgin, but we got to this world to learn about sex. Even sexologist like me, was once novice in sex but he or she learnt and became a master of it. Irrespective of the stage you are, as a virgin or not, don’t fall for that lie that you won’t be able to meet your husband or wife. Nobody is born to be good in sex, they all learn it. The truth is there are a lot of books or literature out there but be cautious of the authors some are agent of the devil on the mission of kill, still and destroy.

Sex is 60% practical and 40% theory. Don’t be too big to learn if you want to improve your sexual life and don’t read but put into practice what you have learn. It’s not in reading but in practicing what you have read and understood

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