Steps to help you repair your relationship after your partner cheated

Being Cheated on is a horrible feeling. Nothing is more gut-wrenching, distressing and excruciatingly painful than discovering your partner was having an affair with someone else.

It’s depressing. The thoughts keep ringing in your head every day. Your partner has just defiled the sacred bond you had. Their words, their lips and their bodies were given to someone else. It’s painful to think about.

However, you can still salvage the relationship. Sometimes good people make mistakes, horrible mistakes even, but if you think they’re worth it, you could try the most difficult thing in the world. Forgiveness!

Forgiveness is not easy, your mind keeps playing tricks on you. You replay the scenes in your head and you start feeling insecure. Sometimes it’s so hurtful that many can’t imagine being with their partner ever again and so they break up. Still, I believe everyone deserves a second chance.

If you’re willing to consider giving your partner a second chance, here are 3 Steps to help you repair your relationship.


Your partner has to be remorseful, they have to show that they regret their actions. If they’re nonchalant about it, then there’s no point. It shows a lack of respect and they’ll do it again.

End Communication

Your partner must cut off all forms of communication with whoever they cheated with. This is essential for your mental stability and to rebuild the relationship. Continuous communication between your partner and the other person would lead to a recurrence of the affair and you don’t want that.


Finally, you have to decide to stop thinking about what your partner did. I know this is difficult to do as your mind keeps replaying the incident over and over again.

Sometimes, it would get to a stage where every time your partner gives you a compliment, you’d think to yourself, “Is this what he told her too? Is this what she told him? Is this how she hugged him?”

These thoughts can drive you crazy and that’s understandable. Still, now that you’ve decided to offer a second chance, try to put these thoughts behind you. Whenever they come (as they always will), don’t let them get to you, think about something else or better still, call your partner and discuss with them. It doesn’t have to be a serious discussion, just hearing their voice would allay your fears.

In summary, one thing you should know is this: Time heals all wounds. With time, you’ll be fine.

3 responses to “Steps to help you repair your relationship after your partner cheated”

  1. Am the victim of this, I do try to get back but my husband doesn’t show any sign that he wronged me instead he is now accusing me of having an affair, frankly speaking am exhausted and tired!! I feel whatever he does there’s something behind it I don’t feel loved any more!


    1. Continue doing your part as a wife while find something you can focus on


  2. […] people who feel strongly towards each other, strong enough to bring their feelings, enter a relationship. People don’t willingly enter a one-sided relationship where there isn’t any love from either […]

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