Are you dating/married to Mama’s boy? Find out!

Respect and trust are the foundation of any relationship to flourish. If you do not have the reasons to believe that, then you’re in trouble.

What I am hearing increasingly from young girls all over the world is that they stumble on the immature mama’s boys.

At first, these guys are such a joy to spend time with. They are very relaxed, nice, easy-going, lovable…everything. However, they are lacking one crucial aspect: maturity.

If you are looking for a long-lasting relationship, you don’t need an aspiring boyfriend. Instead, you’ll need an adult.

You need someone to communicate your problems to and not someone who will sweep them under the rug. Usually, they all swear and pretend they are like that, but later they live up to their ‘mama’s boy’ name.

Immature and emotional men can impact the quality that your marriage has. They’re like weeds in the rosebush that needs to be removed.

If you’re sick and exhausted from trying to do everything all by yourself, then you’re better off on your own than being in a relationship in which you must take care of someone.

1. He isn’t sure what to do.

In some situations, he acts up. He may even embarrass you. He doesn’t get that certain behavior is not appropriate. He actually acts like a kid.

It’s the same when you have to keep reminding your child what’s wrong and what’s right. It’s the same with emotionally immature men.

2. He’s selfish

He puts his needs first. It’s okay to respect and love yourself, so it doesn’t turn into narcissism. He’s a little more narcissistic rather than the self-loving side.

You can’t really count on him to be there for you, regardless of whether his life is in danger as well.

3. He isn’t able to commit.

He’s at the party scene and will remain so. He’s not able to be a good friend or commit to anyone because the emotional distance isn’t there.

He’s not going to make any kind of an agreement with anyone or even with you, because he’s aware that something exciting and fascinating could come out.

4. He doesn’t speak about his feelings.

He’s always making jokes and is unable to speak about anything serious.

Even when you inform him that he should stop and that it’s not the time to be laughing, he’ll still play up the incident to avoid engaging in the middle of a serious discussion. It’s incredibly immature of him not to acknowledge your feelings, as well as his own.

5. When things get tough, the man pulls away

In times of stress in stressful situations, he’ll ignore you. Because of his lack of maturity and inexperience, he’s not an equal partner with you.

He doesn’t think about things as seriously. He pretends not to be concerned. Perhaps it’s an approach to dealing with problems. But this isn’t the way to go.

It’s not your intention to be the person who holds all the power. Such relationships will take away your energy.

Relations are supposed to be about partnerships and making your partners into the best version of yourselves, not taking crumbs from what’s meant to be the best behind someone else.

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