Relationship Advice: Does He Still Love Me With These Reactions Towards Me.

I’m in a relationship with a man I have loved so much and it’s almost 1 year now since we started the relationship. At the beginning of this relationship he could not live a day without hearing my voice, which is either a phone call or video call on Whatsapp. As time went by, he wanted his parents to come and see my parents regarding our marriage rite but I stopped him from going on with the decision.

He wasn’t happy when I did that but I gave him my reasons which he understood me, since then his friends and some of my friends have been telling him things against me, just in the name of him to break up with me but he used to tell me what they have been telling him and I will encourage him then tell him the truth about myself and my lifestyle.

Portrait of a sad woman Stock Photo by ©luckybusiness 9774916
Do we love each other or our gadgets!

All of a sudden this guy negatively changed towards me which I don’t even understand anymore. Sometimes I will see him online on Facebook and when chatting with him he will not reply to me, I have asked him why he is hurting my love for him, he gave me reasons which I understood him, but still, he stopped calling me and when I asked he told me I can also call him if he didn’t call me. Since then he has stopped giving me attention then told me it’s because of the work that’s not giving him a chance to spend time with me.  Because I know the time he closes from work, I call him by that time because I know he will be able to talk with me but he will hang up and later call or send me a text message that he was watching a football game, and he’s about to sleep so we can’t talk now.

I feel too worried when he tells me all things and in order not to overthink things he said, I will start calling those people I never wanted to call or talk to just to feel happy and forget what he’s doing to me. I have been asking him why he has negatively changed and he tells me I’m not the only one he has changed for, that he has also changed towards other people, even his relatives because he’s in a difficult stage of his life. I asked him what was wrong. He told me he knows how ladies are so he will not tell me his problems for me not to spread it to the public, before now he used to tell me what he’s passing through but I don’t know why he said this to me.

All his actions towards me now speak to me that he doesn’t love me anymore and when I asked him he tells me he still loves me and has been thinking about me but non of his actions shows he still love me, I keep asking him questions which he says I want to leave him that’s why I keep asking him questions, meanwhile it’s not true, am trying to know my stand with him, I love this guy and I’m trying all my best to make him love me like he used to but it seems I’m wasting my time doing it. I have taken the relationship seriously but I don’t think he really needs me anymore.

Anytime I’m worried or disturbed about something I feel like telling him but I’m afraid of doing that this time because he told me his problem is even bigger than mine, how will a man who loves you tell you this kind of thing?

I’m confused and don’t even know who I am in his heart. Should I trust this guy or not please I need advice, he’s hurting me.

Advice: When you see yourself in this kind of relationship problem, it’s obvious you are not wanted by him or her anymore. Seeing it from her storyline, her friends and her boyfriend’s friends negatively influenced him against the girl and their love for each other.

Is also important to be mindful of how you involve third-party in your relationship or marriage because very few of them are happy that your relationship or marriage is going well.

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